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ABOUT fetal care @ idscans

Fetal Care & Advanced Sonography

As the new Branch of “Fetal Medicine” takes its wings to Unfurl in Obstetrics Care , we also taking some steps to Provide better Obstetrics Ultrasound Care in the Town of Palakkad. Ours id Fetal care & advanced Sonography Started in May – 2018 in Center of Palakkad Town {Harikkara Street}. The Fetal medicine branch mainly depends on technological advances in Scanning technology, We are possessing Voluson E6 – Wipro GE Ultrasound Machine –One of the Leading ; International Reputed , unparalleled Ultrasound technology  in Womens imaging. The Machine is having new advanced features like “HD Live”; 3D/4D Scans;” “Power Doppler angio” “Fetal echo- STIC” & So on. 

                We are offering the services of “ULTRASOUND” “GENETICS” “COUNSELLING”

Dr.Ben is a Consultant Radiologist with Practical Ultrasound experience of nearly 20 years. His area of Interest is “Fetal Imaging” & “Neurosonogram”


Other Than Fetal Imaging, we are offering Elastography technology mainly in the fields of Breast imaging; Thyroid and Liver Imaging.

Fatal Care Clinic

is one of the Palakkad’s premiere centers for comprehensive prenatal services. We are dedicated to providing our patients with the highest level of specialized consultative care throughout their pregnancies, using the most advanced technology to provide these services. The Fetal Care Center at Palakkda, provides critical care to the most vulnerable patients: unborn babies with complex birth defects. The health and safety of mothers carrying a baby with a congenital anomaly is our top priority.

We are committed to comply with the requirement of Quality management systems and continually improve the services by effectively implementing the systems throughout the organization.




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